Can Music Affect Plant Growth?

A California State Science Fair project deduced from tests that "Silence grew the best and healthiest followed by spoken word (Harry Potter). Classical Music (Vivaldi Concertos) ended up just under spoken word. Bringing up the rear was a very small and unhealthy plant that was 'listening' to heavy metal and (harsh) world music (Mudvayne and Rammstein)."...

A Wingate University botanist states, "As you probably know, sound is a wave, and more specifically, a pulse wave. This simply means that it is formed by areas of higher and lower pressure in the atmosphere through which it travels. Terms such as "amplitude," when used in reference to sound, are actually referring to the plot of the air pressure versus time on a graph. Now, it is difficult to believe that such (extremely small) fluctuations in air pressure could have any effect on a plant's growth. There is very little difference, to a plant, in music and ambient noise. [This is actually an experiment that anyone can do...and you don't need much in the way of supplies!]

"However, you might want to consider this question from another perspective. It is possible that in an experiment, plants which are exposed to music may grow more than plants that are not. Why? Because even though it is unlikely that the plants themselves respond to the music, their caretakers do! Maybe the plants which are exposed to music receive better care than those which do not. Might be worth looking into!"

According to the Plant Physiology Information Website, "...Plants have no ears to hear and no brain to process or develop musical taste or music any attempts to show relationships between music forms and growth or other responses have met with total failure in the hands of true scientists."

A 1973 book entitled The Secret Life of Plants -- A fascinating account of the physical, emotional, and spiritual relations between plants and man helped rekindle fascination with the ephemeral side of the plant world.

Stevie Wonder released a brilliant double album entitled Journey Through The Secret Life of Plants which served as the sound track for the 1978 Documentary Film, The Secret Life Of Plants.

Our suggestion: Try playing Stevie Wonder's "Secret Life" record to your plants!

"Grow for Me" from The Little Shop of Horrors

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Does Music Affect Plant Growth? Not rated yet
Music does affect plant growth. Soothing music helps plants to grow better, while rock music and other loud music make plants unhealthy, and they will …

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i have this as a project lol

Thank you  Not rated yet
This helped a lot !

Plants and Music Not rated yet
Plants and music are awesome.

kj Not rated yet
im doing the same thing 4 my science fair and im in a 6th grade accelerated class thnx 4 ur info u have been a great help.

dose music affect plant growth Not rated yet
country works better on any type of plant because it is smoother than heavy metal because it is so harsh. Plant's are just like us we feel a lot better …

a responce from reading the article Not rated yet
I think plants, when exposed to classical music, do grow faster. Maybe they don't have a brain or ears, but that doesn't mean anything. And besides we …

can music help plants grow Not rated yet
this really helped me

PROBLEM Not rated yet

Metal/Rock Musician Not rated yet
Commenting on the bit about metal. I've read studies that Mozart helped plants grow faster, due to the constant pummeling of notes (soundwaves). Maybe …

Ordinary Not rated yet
Apart from the slow music (classical music) does the content of the music matter ?

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TEAM HARRY POTTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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This is a great topic on my new science experiment!! I think this is just wonderful because this is exactly what kind of experiment i was looking for …

what makes music effect plants Not rated yet
i liked it, but not quite enough information.

how sound makes plants grow Not rated yet
it is the amino acids that are affected, certain notes can affect how fast a certain protein is made in each individual pant cell, therefore, such extremely …

Can music effect plant growth? Not rated yet
Well here's what i found out. There have been a lot of studies, whether music effects plant growth. Some experiments have shown that classical music …

CAn music affect plant growth Not rated yet
Plants are living beings but cannot hear any sound or whatever, they just feel the air and the weather and then grow depending on that specific weather …

i dont know? %( Not rated yet
well i am doing this project right now but im doing it with 4 different kinds of music and 1 plant doesn't get music. But i don't know what kind of plants …

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giorgio karam Not rated yet
if scientists couldn't how could i have done it? my plant turned out healthy and really big.

dont cheat Not rated yet
hi i think this is a taken topic already!! and its my idea and don't cheat or copy

student Not rated yet

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wow does this actually work? and can I mix this up to make my own science fair project?

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Cool! Can you provide a paragraph or two on as if it was in a textbook?

Music does help my plants Not rated yet
I have found this recording to be very helpful to me and my garden

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this is elementryyyy

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does jazz music affect plant growth?

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thx dis is really helping me and the guy who says that rock music is better probably screwed up his project

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..well mr.dixon my science teacher is giving us til dec.2nd to finish our projects. (8th grade by the way from florida) and i wanted to do a project …

Stevie Not rated yet
I play accordion for the plants in my garden as another way to express my hobby between waterings. I think it works, and agree with the Wingate University …

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ima do da music project thang cuzz it seems like fun. so i can pass my last grade up in science class. piece yooooooooooooooooooooooooo xD

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Thanks for this article. I actually tried this as a biology project!

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thx... im doing a science fair project on the same topic. this really helps me.

sonotrophism Not rated yet
it has been found that plant growth is directed towards classical music

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I and two others are all working on a science experiment, and we need help! please please comment back! we need to know because we may have to change our …

does music affect plant growth? Not rated yet
umm....i do think music DOES affect plant growth , well the results show that they do , but im in the 8th grade and im doing a science fair project on …

plants Not rated yet
i like this site very much

zactuc1 from runescape Not rated yet
Hi, this is zactuc1 from the famous online game "runescape"... I am here to say that my plants have grown five more inches than plants that don't receive …

Music Affects Plant Growth Not rated yet
I did a STEM Expo project on how music affects plant growth. While one plant grew with heavy metal music and the other with classical. I will post my results …

experiment Not rated yet
i did this experiment with heavy metal, classical and a control group. the heavy metal plant did much better than the other two.

advice Not rated yet
i would like to do this experiment for my biology assignment but im not sure how to do it. if anybody has an advice for me it would be very helpful =). …

Music effect Not rated yet
I'm 10 and i got almost the same results for both of my control and experimental groups for my science fair

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k Not rated yet
wow that helped

Plant Growth Not rated yet
The plant's growth depends on different things like if you sing, make the plant 'listen' to a boom box or just play any string or woodwind instruments. …

icu Not rated yet
how tall did the plants grow i need to know so badly this has helped me a little but not that much on a side note good info thanx a lot

i want to do this project Not rated yet
hey i think that project seems really cool and now that's the project im going to do for science fair! But what should i call it will you please write …

Biology H project Not rated yet
I performed an experiment over the course of 30 days for my 10th grade biology class (I finished one week ago) to test English Ivy growth against (a) classical …

uhh Not rated yet
Can plants grow music?

journey through the secret life of plants Not rated yet
i do not like horrors they are not good

AnimeFangurl123:D Not rated yet
Well i'm doing the same project and so far i looked up all music that has been getting big hits for plants growth and classical, rock, hip-hop, and heavy …

My Experiment Not rated yet
I've just about finished a similar experiment, and my results are very different to the ones shown on this page. We are testing 4 plants, one control …

Plants grow different according to the type of music played for them. Not rated yet
yes classical music has the best effect on plants over all the other types of music i did an experiment on that and it was posted true after all of the …

hi Not rated yet
thnx 4 the idea!

This is Bogus Not rated yet
In My Experiment silence grew the least Plants Exposed To ICP Grew Best

does music affect plants growth Not rated yet
i think yes it will affect it

sweetness Not rated yet
thats awesome

project Not rated yet
is it true that classical music can leave you relaxed?

facinated Not rated yet
I just guided my son through this experiment and our thought is that even deaf musicians sense the vibrations so even without ears a plant could still …

plants Not rated yet
can plants grow with music

plants love music too Not rated yet
that it really grows......

isnt he dead Not rated yet
isnt stevie wonder dead becuase i dont see him around any more

the real answer to is it true that plants grow on music Not rated yet
...i am a science teacher looking forward to seeing what the kids have ready for science re music and plant it can be a possibility...check …

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see i have this science fair and i need to know does music effect plants growth. can you try to explain why this would happen in fifth grade terms. i'm …

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i did this project and i did three different plants. i did one with hip hop, one with pop, and one with like old music. i got hip hop in 1st followed by …

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